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Home Heating Oil | Kerosene Supplier to Co Kildare, Meath and Lucan

Man with RightPrice lorryRightPriceOil is your Local Low-Price Home Heating Oil supplier. We supply Kerosene (also known as 28 second home heating oil). Almost all modern domestic heating systems use Kerosene because it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

We also supply Gas Oil ( also known as 35-second oil) which is more commonly used in older oil fired systems.

Why should you order home heating oil RightPriceOil.ie!

Here are five good reasons:

  • Prompt personal service not just once but every time you order with us. We are owner managed so you can always be assured of first-class customer service.
  • We are committed to delivering your order within 2 working days. (However please note that in exceptional Weather conditions this may not always be possible owing to circumstances outside our control)
  • We deliver six days each week (Monday-Saturday inclusive)
  • Lowest prices-Orders received On-line enables us to keep our administration costs to a minimum. With lower overheads we can focus on providing you with lowest prices always.
  • Ultra-modern digital meters on all tankers, ensure that you get printed delivery dockets, confirming the exact amount delivered every time we deliver to you. (See below for further information)

Our delivery meters will provide you with 100% accuracy of the amount delivered. Every fuel delivery made by our drivers is monitored and recorded on the Dreamtec Fuel management system which is independently verified and controlled. As a RightPriceOil.ie customer you have a unique record and you can be fully satisfied that the exact volume of fuel delivered to you is correct. If you have any query regarding the exact number of litres, time of delivery etc it can be checked with our office or directly with Dreamtec Fuel Management Systems.

What areas do we deliver to?

If you live in Co Kildare ( Kilcock,Leixlip, Celbridge, and Maynooth) Co Meath (Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin, Enfield, Ratoath ) or Co Dublin (Lucan Area)

Please place your Order On-Line or call us on our Hotline 01 524 1328. You can always be assured of prompt personal attention to your individual requirements.